Write 31 Days: Waiting for Mr. Right

There are SO many phrases that as a single person, I absolutely hated. “Wait for Mr. Right” is right at the top of the list, along with “How are you still single”, and “You’re next” (when you’re at weddings). 

I know that people mean well when they say phrases like these, but it’s hard. I KNOW this. It’s all personal experience for me. I have heard every phrase – and more – that can be said to a single person. Being single for 24 years…well, you hear a lot. 

The so-called Wait for Mr. Right is hard. How would you even know if you MET Mr. Right anyways? Is there even a Mr. Right, or is it all a hoax? 

I am a firm believer, as a Christian, that God has a specific man planned out for each woman. We have to make choices, but I found comfort in knowing that somewhere out there God had a guy just for me; someone that he had planned for me to marry since before I even existed. 

So yes, essentially you are waiting for the Mr. Right that God has planned for you. How about instead of waiting, though, you anticipate? Waiting, to me, implies that that is the only thing on your mind. Anticipating means that, yes, you’re looking forward to something, but you also have other things to worry about.

Don’t wait with bated breath. Get out there and do something. “Mr. Right” will come at just the RIGHT time. And you’ll realize all that anticipating was worth it.