Write 31 Days: What Qualities Should I Look For in a Guy?

shameless plug of my boyfriend

This is a question that everyone pretty much needs to answer for themselves. Every girl has ideas of exactly what she’s looking for in a guy, and what things are deal breakers. Some of those are what I’d call important things, and some are what I’d call unnecessary things. 

I’m going to show you my list of things that I was looking for when I was waiting to meet my boyfriend. These qualities might be on your list, or they might not be nearly as important to you as they were to me. But, I will admit, they happen to be really good things!

Necessary Things:

  • He’ll be a good Christian man who will be willing to lead a household someday
  • He’ll love kids and want to have a few of his own 
  • He’ll be compassionate, and kind 
  • He’ll make me laugh (even if he isn’t necessarily funny) 
  • He’ll care about his family – especially his parents
  • He’ll love to take adventures and travel 

My Unnecessary Things List:

  • Dark hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Roughly 6 feet tall
  • Wears cowboy boots 
  • Drives a pickup truck
  • Wears old blue jeans and t-shirts 

So I pretty much wanted a Christian, country boy. We all have our things, and these were mine. Comment below with what yours were/are. There are no wrong or right things to want. However, please be aware that you may not get everything on our Unnecessary Things list, and that’s okay. Just don’t ever settle for anything less on your Necessary Things list. If you can’t find a guy that fits all those, then he’s probably not the right guy. 

Don’t settle.