Write 31 Days: How to Know if You’ve Met the ONE

You’ll just know

Kidding. But, in all actuality, that’s what I was told a few times when I asked my friends how they knew their boyfriend was the one. It’s not super helpful when you’re single, or in a new relationship, though. It doesn’t give you anything to go off of, so I’ve compiled a small list of ways you’ll know if you’ve met the one.

  • You share interests, or you’re willing to engage in their interests
    If you have things in common that you love doing, that’s great. But the real commitment comes in when the interests don’t match, but you’re both willing to do something the other ones loves. Maybe you love watching rom-coms, but your boyfriend HATES it. If he’s willing to sit and watch one with you because he cares about you…that’s amazing! Same goes for you! Does your boyfriend love racing but you can’t stand going to the races? Go! Just go. Be with them while they do what they love doing! It’ll go a long way. 
  • You go out of your way to make them happy 
    Whether it be cooking them a good home-cooked meal, or helping them do something they don’t enjoy doing, you going out of your way to make them smile is a BIG DEAL
  • You’ll realize that you don’t need big, extravagant dates, just being together is enough
    This is probably one of the easiest ways to know. If you’re 100% comfortable sitting together in a quiet room, or chatting back and forth about your day…that’s a great way to know. Or, if you can talk on the phone for hours without any time lapses in between? Yep. That’s another way. 
  • You probably WON’T feel butterflies in your stomach
    If you’re anything like me and have read a gazillion romance books, then you’ll probably expect to feel butterflies when you meet the “one”. This may not necessarily be true. But you know what you will feel? Safe. You’ll feel safe, comfortable, and like you can be yourself. Those butterflies are not a deal-breaker, ladies. If you’re waiting for a guy to give you butterflies, you may wait forever. 

But, it does come back to that beginning sentence at the top…

You’ll just know.