Write 31 Days: What if I Get Discouraged?

Let me preface this post by saying: It’s 100% okay to get discouraged sometimes. In fact, it’s entirely normal. When you want something so badly and it’s not happening for you in your time frame, you can get discouraged pretty easily. 

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being married by the time I was 22, with a kid by the time I was the age I am now! Wow, does God sure know what he’s doing because I can’t imagine having a kid yet! 

But that’s another thing. We have a time-line that we want to follow. We want things to fall into place just perfectly but that’s not how anything works, so that’s where the discouragement comes in.

It should bring you a lot of comfort to know that God’s timeline is a lot better than ours, though. I realize now just how God’s hand was working in my life when I was single, and how everything fell into place when I met my boyfriend. It might not seem like it now, but when you DO realize what all was happening to make things fall into place…wow. 

God DOES have a plan for you. Whether that’s to meet your significant other tomorrow, next week, next year, or 10 years from now, it doesn’t matter. That’s all in God’s hands, and thank goodness it is!

Do you ever wonder how different our lives would be if we were in more control than we are? I mean, sure, we can make our own decisions and do stupid things, but ultimately God has full control over everything and wants everything to work out for good for those who love him.

Amazing, right?

So, while discouragement is totally normal, take the time during your day to realize that God’s got this. He has the perfect timeline for you, you just have to wait and see. When you get there, you’ll thank Him. I promise.