Write 31 Days: Being Friends First is a Great Idea

This may be another thing you’ve heard a million times. I honestly didn’t hear a lot of this, but I watched a lot of my friends go from being best friends with guys, to dating, to married. 

I can’t say this one from personal experience, honestly. I met my boyfriend in March, we dated exclusively for over a month and then decided to become official. I guess you could say we were “friends” for that first month, and then went onto dating, but honestly, I felt like we were “dating” that entire time. 

Jumping right into dating worked for Lance and me, and he’s my best friend now, hands down. I tell him everything, he tells me everything. I feel blessed by this because I know some people may never get their with their significant other. 

But, there are definitely pros to being friends first, and I’ve made a little list of some of those:

  • You get to know each other before you put any labels on it
    You may very well find someone attractive but once you started getting to know them, you no longer do. Personalities mean a LOT when it comes to dating someone. They may be the hottest guy on the planet but if their personality sucks you won’t want to date them. Being friends first gives you time to figure out if you’re compatible to spend your lives together.
  • You are able to figure out if your interests are in line with each other, or if you’re willing to “bend” for their interests
    Let’s be honest: your interests are not always going to be the same. I love rom-coms, and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend hates them. He loves motocross racing/riding and it’s not my favorite thing (although it’s seriously growing on me as we’re dating). But you know what? We do those things for each other. It’s all about the compromise. 
  • You can figure out their love language before you’re even dating
    I’ll probably post more on this later, but love language is a HUGE factor when it comes to dating. My love languages are quality time & physical touch (tied for the top). My boyfriend’s are quality time and words of affirmation. If you can practice these things while you’re just friends, then that’s a great step in the right direction. Love languages ends up taking a huge part in your relationship someday. ( If you don’t know about the 5 Love Languages, find out more here.  )
  • You learn their funny quirks and figure out if you can live with them
    This might seem silly, but you will realize there are some things you can live with, and some you CAN’T. We all have things that drive us batty and if the person you’re dating does those things, you have to figure out if that’s something you are able to deal with FOREVER. Some of my funny quirks are: I need the volume on TV/Radio to always be an even number or divisible by 5, and I always like to be sitting/standing on the right side of my boyfriend. (Typing those out, I kind-of feel like an idiot. But we all have our things! Ha!)