Welcome…{and a Camp NaNo Post}

I’m not dead, so that’s good. I’m just neglectful of this blog ever since Youer than You started back in early October. That has since become my blog-baby, and it’s where most of my posting has been done. I spend my time working on that blog because I feel like it’s what I’ve been dreaming of doing for years – ever since I was a teenager. 

But this blog…it’s still my home. It’s where I’ve been blogging for the past three or so years, and so I miss it when I don’t post here. This is MINE. I can post whatever I want here, without any sort-of stipulation, and I love that.

So that being said, I’m back – at least for the time being. I’m back to posting what I normally did – writing stuff, book reviews (or just general reviews), life updates. Whatever the case may be, I’ll hopefully be able to post more consistently. 

The next big “project” on my list coming up is….CAMP NANO. 

I haven’t been able to complete Camp NaNo, or just plain regular NaNoWriMo in years. I’ve started and failed, and every time that I do it, I feel like a failure because I hate starting something and not finishing it. What’s the point of starting something if you can’t finish? Yet, every time….I find myself writing really well for the first couple of days and then backing down.

This time, my plan is to start off with a simple goal of 20,000 words. If I get there, I’ll update the word count to 30, then 40, then 50. If I don’t, at least I’m not failing on the same grand scale that I have in the years past. (EMBARRASSING MUCH?) 

PicMonkey Collage

This year’s story, I’m finally taking Mack and bringing her to life. If you’ve been reading my old posts at all, you’ve been introduced to Mack, and her plot is almost all figured out, I just have never taken the time to start the story.

If you’re doing Camp NaNo, leave a comment and we can become buddies on the site – I’m excited to see where this journey leads — I’m ready to start writing again.

Both my stories, and here on this blog. <3