Three TV Shows I Absolutely Adore

Three Things Thursday is a linkup that my mom started that is exactly like it sound. You share three things. It can be about anything – just click on the image above to become part of it! You’ll have tons of fun thinking of 3 things each week and it sure does help with blogging block! 

 My family has a Netflix and Hulu+ subscription. We use Netflix more, though, and are always trying to find new shows to watch. We tend to lean more toward detective shows – those are our favorites. But we occasionally stray away from that and go for something different.

So this week, I’m sharing my 3 current favorite shows.

  1. Lost
    Lost-Cast-Season-One-lost-2543754-1369-876 My family actually just recently got finished watching this show – we couldn’t stop! We started it and were done with it within a month or 6 weeks, not even kidding. We watched it all.the.time. There was no time for anything else – just Lost. While it ended with more questions than answers, I didn’t hate the ending. I will watch it through again sometime and hopefully pick up on things I didn’t notice before. Hopefully. 
  2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    Mom and I started out by watching CSI:NY, then went to CSI:Miami, and before we knew it, we were done with both of those, and bored. So I started with buying season 1 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from Amazon, and now we’re hooked on that too! Currently on season 2, and we love it! The characters are engaging, and the crimes are interesting! (ON a side note: It doesn’t seem nearly as TV-14 as the other 2 CSIs.)
  3. Criminal Minds
    CRIMINAL MINDS By far, one of the best crime shows we’ve ever watched! I love, love, love this one! I bought the first season at Wal-Mart to try out, but then all 9 seasons went up on Netflix so I saved money!! YAY! We are currently starting season 3 of this show, and it doesn’t disappoint! IF you haven’t watched it yet, try it out!