Three Things Thursday: T.V. Shows


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  1. CSI: NY has quickly taken the #1 spot on my list of favorite tv shows (the list I have running in my head). Mom and I have watched almost all 197 episodes in the last couple of months. One day when we were sick with the flu we watched 12 episodes. Eek, I guess I shouldn’t have written that for the whole world to see, should I? Oh well, the secret is out now, isn’t it?
  2. Although I love CSI: NY, Bones is still well at the top of my list, too. I have every season of this show on DVD and I watch them often. I also keep up with season 9 on Hulu every Saturday! I love the characters and I almost feel like they’ve become family to me! (Excuse the fact that Zach is on this photo instead of Sweets…you forgive me, right?!)
  3. My sister and Mom are trying to get me to watch Sherlock. I haven’t started it yet, but I think I’m finally gonna break down and try it. We’ll see . . .


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  • Good list! Musta been drafted since we’ve now finished NY and have moved on to Miami.

  • Julia

    I loved all the CSI’s! Joe and I are now Castle hooked. I will have to watch Bones. I haven’t seen that one yet, however have heard that it is good one.