Three Things Thursday: 5.8.14

Three-Things-Thursday This month, I have THREE homeschool conventions, so I’m going to share about the three I’m going to for my Three Things Thursday this week!

  1. My first convention is starting today. Well, setup starts today, at least. It runs from the 9th-10th.  It’s CHAP, my home convention here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I’ve been attending this convention since I started high school (maybe even before?), and I have always loved going. This year, I’m working with Apologia. Being that it’s a big convention, I’m sure that there won’t be too many lulls, and that we’ll keep pretty busy! 🙂 
  2. My second convention is in Lansing, Michigan. I head out early on Thursday, the 15th to setup that day. Then the convention runs from the 16th-17th. I’ve only ever actually been to Michigan once – and I was maybe four? I don’t remember it at all. So it will be nice to – hopefully- see parts of it again. This is actually the first convention I’ll be doing without Mom – traveling alone – so it should be quite the adventure! We’ll see. I may have many-a-story when I get home. 
  3. Then, the last convention of May is FPEA – the Orlando-area Florida convention! YAY! I was so glad to hear when Mom and I got this one, because…it’s…well, Florida. The convention runs from the evening of the 22nd-24th. Mom and I are staying a few extra days in order to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour in the Magic Kingdom, and then we’ll be heading home. 

Once we’re through with May, Mom and I only have one more convention – and that’s in early June. After that, we’re “free”. Although, I really enjoy doing it. The travel is so much fun, and I love meeting and seeing all the people that come out to the conventions. 😉