That’s When I Carried You


Against my better judgement, I decided to join in on Camp NaNoWriMo this year. Again. Every year, I start writing for Camp NaNo at the last minute, have no plot planned out and fail miserably.

I did the same thing this year. In fact, I started on July 7th and had some major catching up to do. Surprisingly, I caught up within a few days and I’m back on track at this point. I luckily had been plotting out a story for months beforehand so I had an idea of what I wanted to write, just hadn’t gotten around to writing it.

So I felt like Camp was a good idea.

I’m not going to tell you a lot about my story right now – but I am going to introduce you to my two main characters that I have absolutely fallen in love with over the last few weeks of getting to know them. 

Hazel and Kade are their names. I feel like I can connect with both of them in different ways, and they’re usually pretty easy to write about.

For more information on them, keep scrolling (I don’t THINK you’ll be too disappointed!) 

Hazel Collins 

Hazel is a lot like me in the fact that she’s not afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking and she doesn’t like to take crap from anyone. She’s pretty easygoing and loves kids, and can’t wait to someday fall in love and start a family. Her parents recently divorced, causing her to have to choose between staying with her mother, or moving away with her dad. She chooses going with good old Daddio and they move to the place she spent her growing up years (birth-12), Pennsylvania. She is quickly reunited with people she was friends with when she was younger – including Kade Andersen. 
Hazel tries to stay out of trouble but often finds herself saying and doing things that get her into scrapes. Her best friend, Manda, often instigates the troubles, too.
Hazel has a twin sister named Paige who she is very close to, but recently had some problems with, so at this point, they are kind-of in a standstill in their relationship. Neither of them want to talk about it, so they don’t. 
By the end of the book, Hazel will need to let go of her hatred for her mother (for causing so many problems in her parents’ marriage) and learn to forgive her.

Kade Andersen 

Meet Kade – 25 year old single guy raising his 2 younger sisters – ages 5 and 6 – and trying to scrape by on his small salary. Kade never knew his father and his mother left when she met a guy online – after having her two young daughters. Kade never heard from her again and has been raising his sisters ever since.
When his mom left, Kade turned to the worst things possible – alcohol and women – and hasn’t been able to leave that lifestyle since. After a long day at work, he goes to the bar, leaving his sister’s with their babysitter. He doesn’t know how to be a parent because his mom didn’t teach him how.
And then Hazel comes back into his life. For the first time in years, he feels like he might want to leave his lifestyle and try something different – falling for the girl he had a crush on in grade school, the girl who was his best friend and always kept him on his toes.
The thing is, Hazel hasn’t changed and she wants nothing to do with his no-good ways. Kade feels himself falling in love, but can’t seem to figure out how to step away from the life he’s been living for 7 years so that he can be good enough for Hazel. 
By the end of the book, Kade will have figured out that God is the only way he can change his life around. 

So, 17,000 words in and I still have a lot of work to do. 33K more to go and hopefully I’ll make myself a Camp NaNo winner. Even if I don’t, I’m proud of myself for making it this far, and getting so much writing done in such a short amount of time. Writing had gone away from me for a while – the ideas were there but the inspiration was not – and I’m just happy to be doing it again.

If you’re a fellow writer, you’ll understand that.

I’d better get back to writing! 

  • Michelle Fotiades Eichhorn

    Wow! You have put a lot of thought into the story line. Congratulations on getting so much done, too!

    • Thanks Michelle! 🙂 I try really hard to get a story that I can relate to and that I’d want to read so….:)