Since You’ve Been Gone Review

About the Book:

One moment, Olivia Kavanaugh is preparing to walk down the aisle and embrace her own happily ever after. The next, she learns that her fiancé, Wyatt Hammond, has been in a fatal car accident. Then comes a startling discovery: Wyatt’s car wasn’t heading toward the church. He was fifty miles away…with a baby gift in the backseat.

Her faith shaken, Olivia pores over the clues left behind, desperate to know where Wyatt was going that day and why. As she begins uncovering secrets, she also navigates a tense relationship with her judgmental mother and tries to ignore the attentions of a former boyfriend who’s moved back home. But when she starts receiving letters written by Wyatt before his death, she must confront a disturbing question: Can we ever know anyone fully, even someone we love?

When an unexpected path forward—though nothing like the life she once envisioned—offers the promise of a new beginning, will she be strong enough to let go of the past and move toward it?

About the Author:

A true Southern woman who knows any cook worth her gumbo always starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day, Christa Allan writes women’s fiction, stories of hope and redemption. Her upcoming novel, A Test of Faith is scheduled to release in March of 2014. Threads of Hope, one of the books in Abingdon’s Quilt Series, released in March (2013). Walking on Broken Glass(2010) and The Edge of Grace (2011) were also published by Abingdon. Love Finds You in New Orleans(Summerside Press) released in 2012.

Christa is the mother of five, grandmother of three, and recently retired after teaching twenty-five years of high school English. She and her husband Ken live in New Orleans in a home older than their combined ages.

And since Christa feels as comfortable talking about herself in third person as she does watching Elaine (of Seinfeld) dance, her daughter has provided the following info about her:

My Thoughts:

This book starts out with Livvy getting ready for her wedding. She finds out that her to-be husband has been in a car accident, and has passed away. Along with that devastating news, Livvy finds out there was a baby gift in the back seat of the car, and that her husband to be was driving in the opposite direction of the church. 

Not long after that day, Livvy finds out she’s pregnant – as if losing her fiance, and finding mysteries in the back seat weren’t enough. Her mom, what I would call a “super Christian” judges her very quickly, and says some things that I don’t think any mother should say to their child, no matter what the circumstance. Her mom rubbed me wrong throughout the whole book. 

For more than half the book, we’re focused on Livvy as she tries to navigate life after losing her fiance, and her figuring out how she’s going to raise a child as a single mother. Not a lot “happens” in the first half of the book. 

The book moved pretty fast, which is one of the reasons I kept reading. The other reason was: WHY IN THE WORLD WAS THEIR A BABY GIFT IN HER FIANCE’S BACK SEAT WHEN HE HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS PREGNANT? 

Livvy was easy to relate to, and I liked her as a person although sometimes she seemed to be a little immature. She was thirty and sometimes acted as though she were still a teenager.

All in all, this book is well-written, and is Christian-based without shoving Christianity down your throat. I’d give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars just for the fact that I had to finish it because of the mystery aspect to it, and the fact that I wanted to know about the baby! 

I’d recommend this book to someone who was looking for a quick, clean book to read. This one would be what I would consider a “beach read”.