Riding the Rails: Night Time



This week’s topic for Riding the Rails is Disney Parks at Night. 

To be completely honest, by nighttime, my family is usually tired. Like, really tired. We try to get to the parks by opening and stay ’til closing, but by the time 9 o’clock rolls around, we’re exhausted from all the walking, the riding, and the eating. I mean, seriously. It’s exhausting.

But we do like the nighttime at the parks – there’s something awesome about seeing everything lit up and pretty in the evenings. It’s different than any other time. And it’s beautiful.


Okay, so we went to Disney in December at Christmastime…but isn’t this beautiful? All the sparkly lights on the castle just made it even prettier than it usually is.


This picture was taken from EPCOT. Isn’t it gorgeous? Gotta love a pretty sunset over the Swan and Dolphin. 


We always love taking pictures in front of this sign at Hollywood Studios. 

Nighttime just adds a whole other aspect to Disney magic. 🙂 

  • The castle at Christmastime really is gorgeous! I’m glad we’ll get to see it again this fall. I thought our Christmas trip was a one-time deal. 😉

  • Great photos! I especially love the one of the Swan and Dolphin!