What To Do On Your Day Off


Welcome to those of you joining me from Two Moms and a Mouse and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the  4th stop on our Magical Blogorail. 

Probably one of my favorite things to do on what my family calls our “non-park days” is resort hopping. We like to start out at our own  resort – which has usually been Port Orleans Riverside, and then move onto our resorts throughout the day. 

The best part about having a “non-park day” is that you can take the time out of your busy vacation to spend in a more relaxing way. We never know exactly what resorts we’re going to go to – or if we’ll make it to 1 or 2 or 3. We might sit on the beach at The Grand Floridian, or we might grab a smoothie at Art of Animation. 


This past trip – in December of 2013 – my family wanted to resort hop for the very reason of seeing all the decor in the resorts for Christmas. There’s something incredibly special about Christmas at Disney World to begin with, and seeing the resorts during the holidays was just an added bonus. 



Some of our favorite things to do at the resorts: 

  • Eat!
    Because of the different themes at all the different resorts, there are all kinds of foods at the other resorts. You can check out all the menus for the all the different restaurants here
  • Take pictures! 
    Some of our best pictures of the family are taken at Disney resorts. This past trip, there were even photopass photographers to take our pictures! That was pretty awesome!
  • Walk around!
    Disney takes the time to make everything beautiful. The walkways, the scenery. Everything you see around you holds some sort of story, and it’s all pleasing to the eye. There’s never a dull moment walking around Disney resorts. One of my favorite places to walk is the beach between the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian resorts! It’s a great walk between the two, and such beautiful scenery to see!


  • Boat rides!
    There are boats connecting from one resort to another, or from a park to resorts, or vice versa. The boat rides take longer than riding on the bus, or in your car, but it’s not nearly as fun as sitting on a boat and being on the water.
  • Hidden Mickeys!
    Like I’ve said before, Disney is all about the little things – there’s a story behind everything! And at every Disney resort, there are Mickeys hidden throughout! Take the time to look for them! You can even buy a handy-dandy book to tell you exactly where to look! Check out here! (My sister has this book and she absolutely LOVES to look for mickeys!
  • Trading Pins! 
    Oh, I know you can do this in the parks, but you can also do it on your relaxing day, as well! Cast Members all throughout Disney World are wearing their trading pins, even at the resorts! So make sure you take yours along with you so you don’t miss out on any awesome pins!

Next time you’re on a Disney vacation – or if you’re planning one right now – make sure that you have a free day to take your time and see some of the resorts! It’ll be worth it!

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  • Hayden Davis

    Great post Ashley! I’ve always wanted to visit Disney at Christmas time. Having a non park day is great–exploring the different resorts is fun! What is your favorite resort?

    • AshleyAspires

      I used to love the Grand Floridian, but now my favorite is the Polynesian!

  • Great post & great suggestion! I need to do more resort hopping myself, and explore the ones I haven’t been to. I especially love the boat rides from Port Orleans or the MK resorts.

  • I love resort hopping! The Grand Floridian and Polynesian are two of my favorite resorts to check out on a non-park day. I also loved seeing the Christmas decorations at the resorts when I was there for Christmas a few years ago!

  • Lee Beatens

    Can’t get enough of resort hopping! My favorite part though is getting there by boat. Spending a day doing just that is so relaxing!

  • Maureen Litz- Diehl-Brown

    My FAVORITE non park day is Resort Hopping Day! My favorites are Wilderness Lodge and the Polynesian Resort.. I love their vibes and gift shops and restaurants-and beaches! But I try to visit almost all of them at some point in the trip- I actually think I enjoy this just as much as my park days. One morning after breakfast at the Whispering Canyon Cafe we rented boats at the Marina- awesome experience! I LOVE those little Christmas Disney Houses in one of your pictures. What is your favorite resort to visit?

  • JenniferLissak

    I love resort hopping, too – but I’ve never taken that walkway b/w the Poly and Grand Flo – looks so peaceful and relaxing! Have you park hopped around the Boardwalk yet?

    • AshleyAspires

      Yes! The boardwalk area is so cool!

  • You know, when I look back on all of our Disney trips, the resort-hopping days hold some of my fondest memories. It really is nice to plan a low-key, more relaxed day, isn’t it? What is your all-time favorite resort that we’ve visited, so far?

  • I love this post! We tend to do a lot of resort hopping too. Christmas is my favorite time of year. The gingerbread displays are always so beautiful!

    • AshleyAspires

      I agree! I LOVED Christmastime at Disney!

  • Lin @ DisneyMamas

    Great post! I love resort hopping, but I always seem to run out of time! Touring the resorts at Christmas time is a seasonal favorite! Do you have a favorite resort to visit?

    • AshleyAspires

      I used to think that the Grand Floridian was my favorite, but I love the Polynesian, as well as the Wilderness Lodge.

  • DIStherapy

    You nailed it Ashley- Disney Resorts are each a mini vacation! I love the photo of your sister fishing- that is still on the giant to-do list. Resort dining, swimming, BOATING, soaking up the details- we love it all! Great post Ashley!

  • I love to take walks and photograph the resorts. Especially early in the morning when no one is around.

  • I love to do this too! We went at Christmas one year and spent an entire evening visiting different resorts. Each one is so unique!! Which is your favorite to visit?