Rainy Day Resort Hopping

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Blue. Today we are discussing Tips for Rainy Disney Days!

Probably my favorite thing to do on either a day off at Disney, or a rainy Disney day is to take the day and go resort hopping. This doesn’t require going into the parks and wearing ponchos like all the other people (although, we’ve done this a whole bunch of times, so I understand doing Disney parks IN the rain, as well!), and it also gives you something fun to do!



Some cool things to do at the resorts: 

  • Eat! 
    Because all the resorts are so different, they all house restaurants that go along with that theme. You can check out all the dining menus here and decide which new restaurants you want to try!
  • Take pictures!
    Some of our favorite family pictures are taken at Disney resorts! There are beautiful backdrops and again with the theming – it’s so great. This picture was taken at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.
  • Take a walk
    Everything at Disney is beautiful – the hallways, the scenery. Everything you see holds some kind of meaning or story and is pleasing to the eye. 
  • Hidden Mickeys
    Like I’ve said many times before, there’s so much to see and look at in the Disney resorts. One of the things my family loves to do is look for hidden mickeys! You can purchase a book about Hidden Mickeys and finding them at Disney! My sister has this book and LOVES to find them everywhere! 
  • Trading Pins! 
    There are always the workers walking around with pins on their lanyards, but a lot of the resorts also have a pin board that you can trade with as well! They may not be out in the open, so be sure to ask one of the workers and they’ll let you know if they have a pin board!

My best suggestion for where to start is to hop on the monorail and do the resorts on that loop first! That’ll include the Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary. Then go from there. There’s so many to see – so you have to decide for yourself! 

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  • What a great way to spend a rainy day at Disney! I love the hidden Mickey idea! Some of the resorts even have a list of hidden Mickeys to look for. My friend and I did this at Animal Kingdom Lodge one time. It was so much fun!

  • Resort hopping sounds like a wonderful idea! I like the idea of eating my way through the resorts 😉

  • Patricia Mickus

    It was freezing and raining in November. We decided to resort hop around the monorail and look at all the Christmas decorations.

  • Great post, Ashley! We don’t resort hop nearly as often as we ought too. One year, though, my friend Brenda and her husband and Cindy and Sophie and I went to Old Key West and Saratoga Springs and had tours of some of the big DVC 3 bedroom Grand Villas. That was great and got us excited to want to stay at that level one day!

  • Lisa Cameron

    Love your 1st suggestion, eat! I love hopping to the resorts to snack, especially on cupcakes! The rain really gives you time to walk around and see things you haven’t seen before.

  • Rosanne Mottola

    This is a great idea. There are so many resorts I never visited and when I got to visit them, I found new places to stay for my trips that I never considered before. This is an awesome (and cheap) rainy day activity.