Overpacker’s Guide to Carryons

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Black Loop. Today we are sharing some of our favorite carry on bags.


I have this problem where I like to pack WAY more than I’d ever need. Like, to the point that it’s kind-of ridiculous. If I’m going for a week to Disney, I like to pack:

  • at least 10 shirts
  • at least 4 pairs of pants 
  • at least 5 tanks tops
  • at least 3 pairs of shoes

I have a problem. And that doesn’t count the stuff I take for “on the way”. So, like, the stuff I take with me for the flight. That would include things like:

  • at least 3 books
  • at least 2 notebooks 
  • pens 
  • DSLR camera 

And yet, I also don’t like to check a bag at the airport. For MANY reasons. The best of which includes waiting in the line to actually get to the front in order to PAY MONEY for them to take my bag to my destination. (We can rarely fly Southwest, so I’m never able to check bags for free.)

Let’s start off with what I would ideally pack my clothes in. A few years ago, my mom and I had a 31 Party and I ordered the hostess special, which just so happened to be a rolling duffle bag. It’s HUGE and could easily hold a week’s worth (or a month’s worth, if you’re me) of clothes. 


I tend to roll my clothes so that more can fit into the bags, too. So that means more room for more clothes! YAY for us overpackers! 

Then, I also like to carry-on a bag with my purse-stuff, and my extras! This includes my wallet, phone, chapstick, then also my camera, books to read, notebooks – stuff to do on the plane. Last time I went to Disney, I took my Seven Dwarfs Mine Train backpack that I slipped a smaller PURSE inside. 

I often do that. I’ll put a smaller bag inside a bigger bag so that it instantly becomes one bag. It works – especially when you’re only allowed 2 carry-ons! 

The next time I head to Disney, I’m going to carry my new Disney Dooney & Bourke Bag. It’s big, and I can fit a whole bunch of stuff into it! 


So, you overpackers – what’s your favorite way to pack your things for Disney? Is it rolling your clothes so that you can fit more into your suitcase? Is it putting a smaller bag inside a bigger bag so you can sneak it past TSA? 

Or have you discovered even cooler ways to take everything with you?! 

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  • Okay, that Thirty-one bag is super cute! I cannot get through this blog hop with browsing!

  • Kimberly Kahl

    I love my big Dooney & Bourke Disney bag, too! I take it as my purse/personal item since it’s bigger than my purse sometimes with my actual purse stuffed inside and I don’t consider myself an overpacker. LOL Even my laptop fits in it easily and sometimes it has my son’s AND my laptops!

  • For two overpackers, we’ve certainly learned some tricks to carry-it-all in carry-ons, haven’t we?

  • Lisa Cameron

    Overpacker here too! We always have to move things around because my bag is overweight. I don’t think I’d ever be able to fit it all in a carry on.

  • I’m the opposite of an overpacker…. but especially love the doubling up on bags when you think you may come home with more than you brought! 🙂 We have the 31 bag too, and you’re right – it’s a great one!

  • I’m also a serious over packer with no desire to check bags especially for a Disney trip (once I get to Orlando the thought having to wait even longer to get into the Parks stresses me out)! I have a duffle bag similar to yours, and it’s a life saver. Also, the purse inside a purse trick is genius! Defeneitly need to use that one more often.