A Novel Idea: 8/9/14

A Novel Idea
It’s really sad when the person who runs these linkups doesn’t, well, linkup! Decided I better do it. Right now. 


Decided I should focus on a new character in one of my older novels. Shae and I have none each other since I was 17, and I started her story called A World Without Sound. Without sounding completely weird, I consider her one of my best friends, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. 

Shae is deaf, and has been since a car accident made her that way when she was 11. She decided to learn how to read lips and do American Sign Language, both of which she is fluent in.

At the beginning of her story, her family is moving from Philly to Texas, and she’s packing her stuff to leave. She doesn’t have a lot to hold her in PA, but she’s still sad about leaving the home she’s been in since she was born.

Shae is 20, and has a twin brother named Cash. 

(thanks to my friend, Hannah, for letting me use her picture for my portrayal of Shae Hartford!) 


 1.)What do they consider the most important thing they’ve done so far in their life? 
Well, quite honestly, she feels like she hasn’t done much of anything important. She’s graduated high school, she got a job at the supermarket, but she feels kind-of like she hasn’t gone anywhere in her 20 year life. 
 2.) What is their greatest regret?
When her dad left when she was fifteen, Shae never got to talk to him before he left. She regrets not telling him how she felt when he walked away from his family. 
 3.) When was the last time they were really, really frightened? 
As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, she is frightened to move to a place where she knows absolutely no one. Sure, her family is going with her, but the idea of having to make new friends really scares her. (She has always had trouble making friends – because people treat her differently…at least, some of them!) 
 3.) What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them?
One time she fell asleep during a church service and didn’t realize she was snoring. Her twin brother, Cash, woke her up and told her she’d better not do that again. 
 5.) If they could change one thing about their past – and only one thing – what would that be and why? 
She is used to being deaf, but she’d go back to the day of the car accident and stop it from happening. It’s the reason her father left, so she would still have him in her life…