A Novel Idea: 8/16/14

A Novel Idea
This week’s A Novel Idea is about relationships! 
I’m writing about Shae again! 
  1. How do they treat those around them, in general? Are they nice, rude, reserved? Does their treatment of others depend on how well they know them?
    Shae is very shy at first – mostly because she’s deaf and feels like people will judge her for that – so she doesn’t say much when she first meets someone. But she’s always nice about it. Once she knows someone, she really doesn’t shut up, though. 
  2. Who is their best friend, or friends? Do they bring out the best in your character, or the worst? Are they a partner in crime, or a partner in good? 😉 
    Her ultra-best friend is Ky who she’s known since she was just a kid. When Ky finds out that Shae is moving to Texas, Ky tries to talk her into staying because she’s afraid their friendship will end.
  3. Have they ever been in love? If so, did it last, or was it just a fling?
    No, she hasn’t been in love. In fact, she’s never even thought about being in love because it hurts too much. When her parents got divorce, her thoughts on love and marriage changed drastically. She figured if her parents – two of the best people she knew – couldn’t stay together, how could anyone? 
  4. Who do they despise most? 
    When she moves to Texas she meets Trey McFadden, who turns into her worst enemy. They work together at a small restaurant, and don’t even kinda get along. 
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  6. Do they tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict altogether? If they avoid it, why? 
    If someone argues with Shae, she will stand her ground. She hates being told what to do by others, and hates when people try to shove their opinions down her throat.
  • Guest

    Shae sounds interesting. I wonder how it is writing about a deaf character. (is it from her POV or third person, because I assume that would definitely affect things a lot with how the story is told!)

  • Jaime

    Shae sounds like an interesting person, especially with the relationships involved. It makes me wonder how it is to write about a deaf character (I suppose it would depend on whether it’s told from her POV or third person in how it affects the descriptions of things). 🙂

    -Jaguar Hero!