My Thoughts Monday: Maturity vs. Immaturity


Over the years, I’ve started to grasp the concept that just because people are getting older in years doesn’t exactly mean that they are getting older in maturity, as well. I have recently seen a person that I used to look up to greatly – someone that I loved to spend time with, and who loved to spend time with me, and who I would’ve told just about anything to.
And honestly, when I saw this person, I was disappointed. She was not who she used to be. She was immature and acted like she was better than everyone else around her. Truthfully, I couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as her and had to get away quite a few times.
I came home that night and cried. I didn’t understand why I was no longer good enough for the person that used to see me as their “honorary little sister”. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t even talk to me.
But I’ve come to the realization  that I’m probably not the problem. It’s something that’s in her that made her the way she is, and I can’t change that person.
The only person that I can work on is me, and I have to continuing maturing in who I am, and not worry about what people around me think or do, or say.


  • When sitting on your hunkers at work, don’t lose your balance. If you do, catch yourself before your butt hits the floor. Otherwise, falling on the concrete may cause butt-bruising and in turn, a sore butt the next day. Not that I know this from experience or anything.
  • It’s  463 days until my 21st Birthday Trip to Disney. I have a countdown in my sidebar. I wish it was sooner, but it gives me something to look forward to! Somehow I think that the next year and 3 months will go really fast, though.
  • I. Hate. Ants. We have somehow accumulated them in our kitchen and they are on the counters all the time! Every time I do the dishes, I give them a proper drowning when I’m finished. Not humane, but who cares? They’re on the counter and it grosses me out.
  • I also hate when people try to merge at the absolute last minute. They drive up along the side of all the cars that listened to the sign that said to merge into the other lane, and think they are better than everyone else in their expensive car.  Then they try to get in front of me? Heckkkk nooo. I shall hug the car’s bumper in front of me. What me, road rage? Nooooo.

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  • Roberta Peavey

    Ha, you’re catching on early girl! About those ants, do you have peonies? They are a hand in hand type thing if you do. You don’t get one without the other. By the way, that’s not road rage. Wait until you have a tractor in front of you going 10 mph that won’t/can’t get off the road and traffic backed up from both directions–when you’re running late, of course–now that’s road rage. 🙂

  • I am loving your new blog. It’s much more “you” than the last one. Totally worth it!

  • Annette

    Just love your thoughts on maturity. I see you growing into a lovely, mature young woman. Love you, Ashley…so blessed to call you my “sister in Christ” and my “church sister” as well!!