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Mom and I had been dreaming of doing a tour at Disney for years, so when we found out that we would be attending the FPEA homeschool convention in Florida, we made arrangements to stay a few extra nights to have some Disney-time. We also scheduled a Keys to the Kingdom Tour. 

We scheduled our tour for Memorial Day – May 26th. We had the 9:30 tour, and a male tour guide named Taylor – he was AMAZING, by the way! 

When we got to the Magic Kingdom, we went straight to the Chamber of Commerce building to check in. There, we were given a name tag and a bottled water. We also gave our order for lunch which was provided with the price of the tour. Then, we waited for our tour to start. 

While waiting, we called my Dad who was home with the kids – and met Snow White right beside the Chamber of Commerce Building! She even talked to my dad on the phone and told him to keep the cottage clean while we were gone! It was such a Disney magic moment that we’ll never forget!


In the picture below, you can see the shirts that Mom and I had made at VistaPrint for our tour! Our dear friend, Christi, designed the key and we designed the rest of it!



You are NOT allowed to take any pictures on the tour, at all, because of the backstage passes you get. Here’s a picture of the nametag that Mom and I both received that got us into all the backstage places.



We started out by taking a walk down main street where Taylor told us all sorts of facts about the windows and storefronts that I’d never heard before! At the beginning of Main Street there is a window that says Roy O. Disney, and at the end of Main Street, there’s a window that says Walt Disney on it. I think this is a great nod to both great men that helped make Disney World as magical as it is! 🙂 

Probably the most interesting thing about the tour was that we got to see the Utilidors – which I found out stands for utility corridors. I didn’t realize this before I went on the tour. We also went backstage beside Splash Mountain where they showed us some of the amazing floats for the parades. We even got to see the Maleficient dragon back there! It was awesome! 

PicMonkey Collage

We had lunch at Columbia Harbor House. I had the Fish and Chicken Fingers with French Fries, which was really good! I have never had anything I didn’t like at Columbia Harbor house, so this was a tasty treat! This is also where we received our Keys to the Kingdom pins! 



Here are some facts about the tour that you might want to know before you go!

  • It’s a 5 hour WALKING tour – the only time you really get to sit down is at lunch, and for a short time when the tour first starts. The walking isn’t terrible if you’re USED to walking around Disney World. There are a few bathroom breaks. 
  • The tour itself costs $79 per person, and is only for people 16 years old and up.
  • You are NOT allowed to take any pictures because you go backstage and into the utilidors.

I thought the tour was 100% worth the money that Mom and I spent on it! (And if you’re a Disney Visa Cardmember, be sure to buy the tickets with it! It’s 10% off your order!) I am so glad that Mom and I took the time to do the tour – even though it was in the middle of May and soooo hot! I think that anyone that loves Disney and learning cool and interesting facts about it, then this is the tour for you!

To find out more, be sure to check out the Disney website. BUT you can also ask me any questions, too! I may be able to help answer them!

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  • JenniferLissak

    This one always looks like fun and is on my eventual to do list! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tim Brooks

    This tour is quickly moving up my to do list as well.

  • I am SO GLAD we made arrangements to take this tour. Of course, now I’m wanting to do MORE Disney tours! Next time, let’s do one when it’s not so hot, though, ok?

  • It looks like you guys had an amazing time! I really hope to do this tour someday. 🙂

  • This tour sounds amazing but I would have a hard time not taking any pictures! Did you sneak in any photos using your phone? I would have!!

  • Lin @ DisneyMamas

    I love, love, love this tour! Sounds like you had an experience similar to mine! I took this tour with four of my recently graduated high school theatre kids during one Disney Performing Arts trip a couple of years ago. This is definitely one of the best! We were allowed to take pictures as long as it wasn’t in the backstage areas.

  • I can’t wait to take this tour! Thanks for such a great recap!

  • Snow White talking on the cell phone is so cool. I’m glad you guys made some great memories on the tour. It sounds like a lot of fun but I still can’t decide if I really want to see the backstage stuff or not. 🙂

  • Holy Cow! How cool was it that you had Snow White talking to your dad on the phone! What a moment you’ll never forget! Thanks for sharing such great thoughts about this tour!

  • What an amazing memory! Snow White is the best. 🙂 Well, Ashley, I agree with your post 100 percent. This is my ALL TIME favorite tour. I enjoyed every single moment. It really helped solidify the magic for my family, frequent visitors. Did you feel the same?
    Rosanne @ The Disney Point

  • I so want to do this tour! So cool that Snow White chatted with your dad 🙂

  • This is something I’d love to do! Maybe on a solo or no kids allowed trip I’ll be able to do this. I hate that pictures can’t be made, but I totally understand it! 🙂