Ideal Guy?


I have decided to start a series called You Asked, I Answer. It’s exactly like it sounds. You ask me a question and I answer it here! I had my Facebook friends ask me questions last week, so I’m featuring one a week until I have them all answered. :)

Today my question is from my friend and co-worker, Susannah!

When you see yourself getting married, either a few months or a few years down the line, who is the groom? Describe your ideal man: what’s he like? What are his hopes and dreams? What would be a relationship deal breaker and what are some things you can live with?


Oh my word, I LOVE this question. Definitely gets me thinking. Let me start off with a few deal-breakers: My ideal man will go to church and know Jesus as his personal Savior. This is no if ands or buts about this, I will not even think about being with a man that doesn’t believe the same things I do. Unequally yolked and all.

I would like him to be gentle-hearted and kind. I would like to think he won’t be stubborn because I’ll be stubborn enough for the both of us, but God works in mysterious ways, and He might decide to send me a man that’ll give me a run for my money. I would also love for him to be funny; someone that could make me smile just by cracking a joke or giving me a look. 

My ideal guy would have hopes and dreams of being the head of a household – the head of a family. I want a large-ish family, and I want the man I marry to be a good father figure to our children. 

Over the years, I’ve also discovered things that I used to think were deal-breakers that are not. I do not NEED a guy with dark hair and blue eyes. I do not NEED a guy with some sort of accent. I do not NEED a guy that can sing, play guitar and write me a song (though that would be totally cool if he did, just sayin’). 

So while I’ve always had a dream guy in my head; how he was going to look and act, I know that God has someone special planned just for me and I have to wait and see who it is. I’m sure that we’ll be able to work through any idiocincracies if he’s the man that God wants me to be with him.