Homeschool Top 5s

I have decided to start a series called You Asked, I Answer. It’s exactly like it sounds. You ask me a question and I answer it here! I had my Facebook friends ask me questions last week, so I’m featuring one a week until I have them all answered. 🙂

 What are the top 5 things you loved about being homeschooled? 


The question above came from Gina. 🙂 (I changed up the question a little bit to make it easier for me to answer!) 

  1. Getting to pick what I learn! 
    This seems to simple and easy, but it’s so true! You don’t get to choose exactly what curriculum and subjects to study when you’re in public school, so I found this incredible about homeschooling. I was able to choose to do Business and Consumer Maths instead of doing geometry and trig. That was a huge plus for me! (Of course, getting to pick is within reason, because Mom ultimately had the final decision!)
  2. Having a teacher that 100% understood me.
    I know the teachers try to understand all their students, but it doesn’t always work. Parents know us better than anyone else – or at least, they should – and so therefore, Mom understood what was good for me and what might not be so good (ie, chemistry and physics!) 
  3. One-on-One time with my teacher
    Here again, I’m not saying that public school teachers don’t try to give their attention to all the students in their classrooms, but there’s no way they’re able to, really. (I know as someone who went to public school for 3 years). I enjoyed this so much about homeschooling – Mom could sit down, one-on-one with me, and help me figure the problems I was having. And, in 11th grade, she did my reading with me (I had to read classics, and I HATE classics! :P) 
  4. Field trips ANYTIME! 
    Oh my gosh! This is probably one of my favorite things about have been homeschooled! We could up and leave any day of the week to go on a field trip! Living in central PA, there are quite a few things at our fingertips to do, so we can do them without much problem. I loved being able to go places when other kids were in school, so it wasn’t packed! (For example, Hershey Chocolate Factory, etc). 
  5. Schooling in PJs
    BY FAR THE BEST THING ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING! Okay, maybe not the best best. But it IS awesome. I mean, what could be better than being able to lounge around all day without even having to change? :p Sure, there were some days I’d get ready, but who wants to when they school at home, and don’t HAVE to? Seriously! 
  • Gina Reynolds

    Love your answers! My kids like #5 a lot too, especially when they were younger (though they still do school in their jammies!)