Growing Out a Pixie – 9 months Later

Today is exactly 9 months since I got my last pixie. 

In June of 2014 I decided to cut my hair short once again. I adore my hair cut into a pixie, and in fact, I’ve had my pixie cut for about 8-9 years. I was never able to get my hair grown out much longer than a pixie because my hair is so thick and everyone loves my hair in a pixie, so why not?


I decided in July that it might be fun to try to grow out my hair into a bob. Because, why not? The only problem with this is…I’ve decided to do that a million times before, so no one takes me seriously.

Only this time…I was serious. I wanted to know what I would look like with shoulder-length hair again. 

So I started my journey. 

3 months later, in October, I got a trim on my hair because it was getting longer and straggly looking. It had grown a good bit already, and was starting to show some length.

10307396_10205027241870463_1771453985957332935_n (1)

By December of 2014 (6 months after getting my last “real” haircut), my hair was growing well over my ears, and I had to start pinning my bangs back because agh! I couldn’t stand them in my eyes anymore! I hate having hair in my face, and it was just driving me crazy! I was just hoping, hoping, hoping that I would be able to make it through growing out bangs. 

PicMonkey Collage


In mid-January, I went back for another hair-trimming. This time, I got my bangs cut. My hairdresser said my next step would be a short bob, and she thought I should keep the bangs – at least for a little while. Since they were driving me crazy anyway, I figured that it’d be silly to argue with her, and let her trim them up.

PicMonkey Collage

End of January – exactly 7 months into my hair growth journey, it was finally starting to get some – at least what I consider – actual length on it.


By mid-February, I was finally able to pull the sides up in a barrette (the only kind I use are Flexi8s) and I was so excited by this new “thing” that I did it for almost a week straight just to have my hair out of my face. 

11001870_10205924298296313_6284098610660930340_n And, last but not least, we’ve made it to end of March and it’s been 9 months since I’ve gotten my last pixie. Here is a picture from June and beside it is a picture from mid-March/


Tips for Growing Out Your Hair and Not Feeling Discouraged ‘Cuz We All Do

  • Don’t let a bad hair day – or a bad hair week – stop you from growing it out. There are going to be bad days – I can guarantee that. There will be days where you’re going to look in the mirror and wish that you could just chop all that ugly stuff off your head. But don’t let it stop you from the journey you’re on – take a step back and remember why you’re growing your hair out in the first place. 
  • If you’re growing out your bangs – buy bobby pins in bulk. Think I’m kidding? Try buying a pack of 100 and see how long those suckers last. If you still have some in a few months, you win at life. Seriously. 
  • Get your hair shaped up every 6-12 weeks. This will keep your hair from getting scraggly and ugly looking, and also prevent having a mullet. (‘Cuz none of us want those.) As someone with incredibly thick hair, I mostly just needed my hair thinned out to keep it staying in place on my head.
  • On that same topic… getting it trimmed actually HELPS it to grow. Getting the dead part of the hair trimmed off gives it more oomph to grow and it keeps it healthier. 
  • Try not to wash your hair By December, I learned this tip and realized that it was really helping. 
  • Accessorize. Add headbands, bobby pins, flexi 8’s (like I’m wearing above!). These will really help on bad hair days, or days you’re feeling like getting all your hair chopped off.