Fresh Food at Your Doorstep? Yes, please.


Gotta love the cool things you get to review with the Mosaics Review Team! 

This is one of those not-so-typical review items that really makes me happy that I’m a blog reviewer! I love items like this – it included YUMMY food, and it was oh-so-easy to review because all I had to do was, well, eat it.

And eating is something that I can do without much of a problem. Especially when said food is VERY yummy.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about this before you get all confused and wonder how I got food to review – and how it came RIGHT to my doorstep without having to go to the grocery store and pick it out.

About HelloFresh: 

Tired of wasting time at the grocery store? On average, 90 minutes are spent on weekly grocery shopping! We want to give you more time for your children, family, friends, and time for that book you could never finish!
We do it all for you – from creating the recipes, to planning the meals, to grocery shopping, and even delivering all of the ingredients right to your door!

With HelloFresh you can save time by not making the weekly grocery store trips, but also the stress that it brings!

HelloFresh uses Fresh ingredients and sellers of foods to get the best ingredients possible to help their customers receive the best ingredients possible.

Find out more about HelloFresh here. 

How it Works: 

  1. HelloFresh creates amazing recipes and puts them on recipe cards (LARGE ones so they’re easy to read), with step-by-step instructions on how to make said recipe. I found this really easy to follow, and Mom and I both thought that it was great the way they had them set up.
  2. HelloFresh does the shopping for you! All the ingredients on the ingredient list (except for say…olive oil, things you would always have on hand…salt, pepper, etc) are in your HelloFresh box that is sent straight to your door.
  3. Speaking of the HelloFresh box, I guess I should explain that next! When you go to the HelloFresh website, you can click on Get Started Now on their main page. That will give you the options to pick The Classic Box (what I received), or the Veggie Box (which is their Vegetarian Option). Me, ever the lover of all-things meat, chose the Classic Box for my choice. Once you choose your box – Classic or Veggie – you are then taken to another screen which lets you choose between 2 persons or 4 persons. I was able to receive 3 meals for 2 people.
  4. Every week the recipes are different – so I received Chicken Polpetti, Spicy Thai Beef and Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl. If there is a recipe that you’re not entirely thrilled with (I believe that there was a seafood option for us the first time around), you can substitute for another two meals at the end. We substituted out the seafood because my mom is allergic and none of us really eat seafood because of that.
  5. After selecting your meals, you checkout, put in all your information and the food is delivered right to your door every Wednesday (if you decide to stay subscribed). You can also pause your membership some weeks you would like to not get the meals, and “unpause”, so to speak, on the weeks that you do want to receive the food.

You can always find out any more information you’d like to know about the HelloFresh products on their website which I linked above.

My Thoughts: 

Firstly, I loved how the HelloFresh product came right to my door in a very nice box with two large ice packs to keep everything fresh! (It really is FRESH!)

I loved how everything was packaged – the beef and chicken looked so nice and the veggies and fresh herbs were packaged according to exactly what recipe they went to (with a label). This was SO user-friendly it’s not even funny!

Mom and I first decided to try the Spicy Thai Beef with coconut rice,  because I was hungry for Chinese food and thought that it would curb my appetite for it. So we started making the recipe according to the recipe card included.

I really thought it was great how there were step-by-step instructions on exactly how to make the meal, with pictures included! It was so easy! I love pictures because I am a visual learner most of the time. (I also like to see a picture of the finished product before I make something).


Okay, first let me start off by saying, this recipe told us to make the rice with the coconut milk they included. COCONUT milk. As in, this rice tasted Now, if you don’t like coconut, you wouldn’t like it. But if you’re me and you’re pretty much in love with all things coconut, you’d LOVE it. The way that the spicy beef, vegetables and coconut rice all mixed together tasted was almost too good to be true! I loved everything about this recipe. I can’t complain about it in the least!

Then, Mom made the Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl. We chose this one when on the HelloFresh website because we have never had Quinoa and wanted to try it.


Mom made this one while I was away and said that while it was good, it was a little too greasy for her taste. She did LOVE the sweet potatoes. (She didn’t save me any though, which I think is kinda mean. :p). She did save me a bit of Quinoa was try… but without anything on top of it, it was kind-of dry.

We haven’t made the Chicken Polpetti yet, but it does look really good! I hope to try it soon. 🙂

Now, onto the important stuff!


Classic Box: $69 (for 2 people)
Classic Box: $129 (for 4 people)
Veggie Box: $59 (for 2 people)
Veggie Box: $109 (for 4 people)

The above prices are for 3 meals delivered right to your door with all the ingredients you need for them.

Is it Worth It?: 

While I LOVED the idea of getting the food right at my door and not having to leave my house, for my family, this isn’t worth it. We shop very frugally and are able to get two weeks worth of groceries (+snacks) for less than the Classic Box for 4 people (and we’re a family of five).

I think that HelloFresh would be great for an older couple that isn’t able to leave their home to go to the grocery store, or a family with parents that work full-time and don’t have enough time to spend in the grocery store.

I don’t have anything BAD to say about the food or the recipes. It just isn’t for my family where we’re at right now. But I suggest it to you if you don’t LIKE the grocery store, or don’t have time to get there.

Visit the HelloFresh website today to find out more information on this product!

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