Do We Complain Too Much?


Excuse me while I post a My Thoughts Monday post on a Sunday. You forgive me, don’t you? It just makes more sense since I already have a post scheduled for tomorrow.

I was thinking today how people complain…a lot. And by people, I mean me. And you. And everyone around us. Some people do it more than others, but everyone complains from time to time. And some people complain all the time.

Let me give you an example: I work at a local manufacturing company about 25 minutes from my house. And I love it. But there is one lady in the office that complains. All. The. Time. It can be about anything – not having any time to clean, not wanting to cook a meal, but then complaining when her husband doesn’t make what she wants, working too much (she wanted full-time work, and now that she has it, she doesn’t have time for anything else), you get the picture – and it drives me absolutely up the wall. I don’t even like to talk to her.

Who wants to talk to a person that spends all their time complaining, and no time thinking about the good things going on?

So, that got me thinking…what do I complain about? So I made a little list with the things I complain about most.

  1. The weather. I hate the cold weather- it makes me sad, and I hate having to bundle up in coats and hats and mittens just to go outside for a few minutes. I hate having to start my car before I leave the house in order to warm it up for myself. I just don’t like the cold. I also don’t much like the rain.
  2. Not having enough work. I was working full-time over the summer and loved it. It was great to have to get up and go to work everyday, but the paycheck was also a nice sum. When summer ended, I was cut back to 2 days a week, which cut my paycheck by more than half.
  3. The bills I had/have to pay for a dr’s appt and procedure that didn’t need done. A few months ago, I noticed a lump around my belly-button and wasn’t sure what it was. My doctor couldn’t get me in the day I wanted to go, but we were worried, so she sent me for an ultrasound. Well, said ultrasound cost me over $950. Yikes! And then, yet another bill came for the person who READ my ultrasound for another whopping $165. For a girl who only currently works 2 days a week, these were huge.

I’ve learned that….

I can’t change the weather. This is up to God – He decides what it’s going to do. He decides how hot or cold He wants it. There’s nothing I can do about it, except make the best of it. That includes being thankful for every day I have on the earth, whether it be cold or hot, wet or dry, sunny or rainy.

I should be thankful for every day that I have at work. Some people are wishing and praying for any job and would be more than thankful for even 2 days of work. And luckily, I have an online job that helps pay my biggest bill (car insurance!), and am going to be starting another job at a local restaurant pretty soon.

While the bills are huge, at least I’m okay. The lump on around my belly-button turned out to be nothing harmful – so I’m healthy. The ultrasound – and it’s whopping bill over $1,000 – told me that I’m okay, and I should be thankful for that…thank God. My grandparents graciously paid more than half the bill for me, saying they wanted to help me out.

The honest truth is…complaining does no good. If it’s something you can change, get off your butt and change it. If it’s something you can’t change, just face the facts that it’s the way it has to be.

My challenge for myself and all of you is to try to see the good in everything instead of complaining. It’s going to be difficult, I’m not going to lie. But it’s going to be worth it.

We’ll be happier. We’ll feel better.

And those around us won’t get annoyed ’cause all we do is complain. (and that’s a great thing!)