The Case of the Cute Phone


A few months ago, I took the plunge and finally moved from being a trac-fone qwerty phone owner to being a republic wireless smart phone owner. (BY THE WAY: best decision ever!) 

I purchased a Moto G first generation phone, and I LOVE it! 


Along with the phone, I purchased a green/yellow case. 


While I liked that case, it was never exactly what I wanted in a phone case.

So I went looking on Amazon and couldn’t find anything that I really wanted. 

I moved onto Etsy. Good idea!

I simply searched for Moto G phone cases, and came across an Etsy shop called Monogram Styles.

They have cases for Apple Products, as well as Samsung and Motorola and Android! I rarely can find places that have so many choices to choose from, so I was in seventh heaven looking at the different styles they had for my Moto G!


So, I looked through them and decided to order the Anchor Style with my the Layered style writing. 


I placed my order and while it seemed to take a while to finally ship and then it took a while for it to get here once it finally did ship, I LOVED the results when it came in the mail! 

The Logistics: 

Price: about $12.95, depending on what you buy.

Would I suggest this company to my friends? : ABSOLUTELY! While I thought that the shipping took forever, I was THRILLED with the result when I got the case! I think that it’s GREAT quality. The case itself is great, it’s thick and durable. The style and monogram are BEAUTIFUL and exactly what I wanted when I ordered it.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new phone case, please be sure to check out Monogram Styles on Etsy. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.