About Me:

Hi there, and welcome to Smile Because It Happened. I’m really bad at writing an About Me, so bare with me! I’m Ashley, a 20-something from Central PA. I work full-time as a receptionist for a physical therapy clinic, part-time as a customer service representative for a few children’s websites, and super part-time selling Steeped Tea (a loose leaf tea company!). 

I love traveling and seeing new places – and every time that I get the opportunity to see something new, I jump at it! I’ve bee to 21/50 states and my goal is to see all 50 before I die. I’d love to take a road trip the whole way across the country someday.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend since March of 2018 and we love to see all sorts-of new places! Adventures – and going different places – are some of our favorite things to do together! I appreciate that he loves to travel almost as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see what adventures that we take as a couple! 

I’m a homeschool graduate of 2012, and I’m very thankful that my parents took the time and energy to teach me at home. College was not on the radar for me, so I started working a couple different jobs – receptionist, nannying, babysitting, until I finally got my job as a full-time receptionist/therapist at CPRS Physical Therapy.

I don’t blog as much as I should, but be sure to check back every now and then and see the adventures that I go on every now and then!