The Writers

~Meet Ashley~

Ashley is a twenty-something from a very small town in Central PA. When not working full-time at a Physical Therapy Clinic as a receptionist/therapist aide, you can find Ashley hanging out with her family, watching a good romance movie on TV, or listening to country music (and probably singing along LOUDLY). 

Ashley has been writing since she was very young, always having a heart for teenagers and young adults. She’s tried many ventures in order to reach out to them, one being a very successful blog. Unfortunately, the blog fizzled out, and Ashley was forced to close it, even though the premise was to help young people find their place, know they were loved, and realize others were going through the same things they were. 

You’ll find posts from Ashley about the single life, friendships (the good, the bad, and the ugly), body image, and anything else that may have been laid on her heart. 



~Meet Sam~