A Novel Idea: When You’re One of Two


This week, share a favorite quote from your novel: whether it’s one sentence long, a paragraph, or even a whole chapter. It can be from your current novel or one that you’re finished with.

Writing can be filled with self-doubt, but this week, take the time to show off your hard work.

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Here’s an excerpt from my current WIP – Call Me Mack: 

When you’re one of two, people expect you to be the same. They expect you to act the same, to dress the same, to always do the same things. They expect that if one of you enjoys soccer, the other one will too. Or, if one of you is good at playing the piano, the other will, too.
And although we share the same DNA, and are most definitely identical twins, we couldn’t be any more different. We couldn’t deny each other if we wanted to, but we’re so different that if you know us at all, you know that I’m most definitely Mack, and she’s most definitely Lang.

And if you don’t know us well enough to tell us apart, then we probably don’t want you as a part of our lives.
Three years ago, when Lang was dating Mike Davis, he mistook me for her and tried to kiss me – ew – and I punched him in the face and broke up with him for her.
Lang was glad. I was glad, ‘cause Mike was a jerk.
But, no matter what, Lang and I..we’re joined together. In more than one way. She’s my twin. She’s my sister. She’s my confidant. Being without her would be like being without air.
I need her to make it through the day – and she needs me to make it through hers. Living with her isn’t an option.


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