A Novel Idea: Meet Ty

This week we are asking you to describe your character without using a picture. What do they look like? What do they wear? What is their personality like? Help us get to know your character without using any pictures at all!


I have so many characters that are near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing much lately (hence when Kylie and I decided to start A Novel Idea back up), so I couldn’t decide who to describe without using a picture! I mean…where do I even begin? 

So, Kylie and I talked about it, and decided we’d both introduce you to characters that we’ve developed together. Years ago, Kylie and I started writing together. We went through a time when we didn’t, but have since gotten back into it. And thus, Ty Mellaney and Poppy Spencer were born.

Head on over to Kylie’s blog sometime in the next week to be introduced to Poppy. Today, I’m going to share about Ty.

Full name: Ty Andrew Mellaney
What He Looks Like:
Dark, brown hair, cut short. Sometimes he wear scruff on his face, sometimes he shaves it off – depends on how he’s feeling. He’s about 5’10” and 150 pounds. He smiles a lot. His smile is rather small, and he’s got perfectly shaped teeth. Small dimples can appear sometimes when he laughs.
What He Wears:
Mostly jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. Ty goes for comfort, no matter what. He sometimes rolls around on the floor with his little brother and sister, so he prefers comfort over style. 
Ty is the most kind-hearted, loving person you’ll ever meet. He’ll do anything for anybody. He doesn’t get mad often, but if you hurt someone he loves, he’ll go crazy on you and won’t let you get away with crap. He laughs and smiles a lot, despite his difficult past. He will listen while you talk (especially if your name happens to be Poppy Spencer). He’s got a temper that will flair up sometimes, but he tries to keep it under control as best he can. 
Ty grew up in a home where his mom and dad fought constantly. His dad was an alcoholic and abusive to both of them. Ty remembers a lot – his dad hitting his mom, his dad yelling at him when his grades weren’t perfect. Ty’s dad died when he was fourteen. He felt relief after that – like everything would be okay. It did get better. His mom remarried when he was 19 – to a guy that actually cared about and loved her. And Ty got two siblings – a brother, Trent and a sister, Mollie. Ty met Poppy when he was about 11 years old, and they’ve been best friends ever since. He would do anything and everything for her (he’s even been in love with her since senior year of high school.)

  • Sky

    This description of Ty was so good! Major props. I love him. 😉