A Novel Idea: Mack Facts

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This week’s A Novel Idea prompt is: make a list of 20 things about your character. They can be as simple or unique as you want, but hopefully it will help you learn at least something new about your character and their backstory.


  1. Her full name is Mackinley Pearl Davenport. (She hates it. Hence, Mack).
  2. She’s 17, and a junior in high school. She hates school and doesn’t think college is in her future, but what does she know? She’s only 17! Why do teenagers have to make such difficult life decisions? 
  3. Has a twin sister named Langley Pearl Davenport. (born 3 minutes before Mack and never lets Mack forget it).
  4. Has 3 tattoos on each arms. Her parents figure there could be worse things she could be doing, so as long as she has the money to do it, they give their permission for her to get them.

    she wants a full sleeve eventually

  5. Mack’s parents have been married for almost 18 years, since they found out that they were pregnant with twins in high school. Their relationship is a rocky one, but have withstood everything for this long. However, toward the beginning of the book they decide to separate. (Not divorce, but Mack and Lang know that it’s coming soon). 
  6. Mack & Langley have 2 younger siblings, Leland & Lynlee. Leland is 3, and Lynlee is 4 weeks old. Which makes the whole separation of their parents thing even harder on her.

    these two make mack’s life a little brighter.

  7. Lang(ley) is Mack’s best friend, through everything. Despite how different they are, they never would be able to live without each other. Which makes things especially hard when their parents decide to separate and their dad moves an hour away. Neither of them are sure where they “belong” at that point. 
  8. Favorites foods are pizza and ice cream. But in order to eat them as much as she wants to, she has to go for runs in the morning (otherwise she’d be as big as a house). She hates that Lang has a higher metabolism and can eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants. 
  9. COFFEE is her beverage of choice. All the time. Every day. Multiple times, despite her mom warning her about caffeine addiction. There are worse things…


  10. Mack works at a restaurant called The Pirate Ship. The wait-staff dress in pirate getup, and have to say “arghhh” as much as they can during a conversation. She hates working there, but it’s a job. 
  11. Mack has had a crush on Nik Johnson since she was 5, and the Johnsons moved in next door. Dark hair, hazel eyes, killer smile. He barely knows she exists but a girl can dream.

    Well hello there, nik johnson

  12. Mack’s favorite movie is A Walk To Remember. While she wouldn’t want everyone to know it, she’s kind-of a sucker for a good chick flick. This movie makes her cry like a baby. 
  13. Most people think that Mack is tough (mostly because she has tattoos), but she’s really a big softy. She shies away from any sort-of confrontation. Which is why, when her parents fight, you’ll find her up in her room, music blasting, so that she can’t hear it.
  14. She wants to travel the world. The whole thing. She loves the parts of the USA she’s seen, but she wants – needs – to see more of it. 
  15. Oh, and then there’s Grant Hagelin. Other than Lang, he’s her best friend. They’ve only known each other 4 years, but hit it off right away. Between Grant and Lang, they keep Mack sane. Otherwise, she’d be all over the place.

    because grant fits him

  16. Mack would rather read a book than watch tv. She loves classics more than anything. To Kill a Mockingbird is her favorite, as well as Pride & Prejudice.
  17. She’s obsessed with Instagram, and posts at least one picture a day. Mack has over 5 thousand followers on her page, too! She posts mostly landscapes, food, or something of the sort. Very rarely, she’ll even post a selfie.
  18. She writes in a journal, but no one knows about it. It’s not that she’s embarrassed, it’s just that she doesn’t want anyone to find it. If they don’t know about it, they won’t find it. Logic. 
  19. Mack is left-handed. Yet another way that she and Langley are exact opposites, Lang is right-handed.
  20. Has a cat named Muffin. Don’t judge her – Mack named Muffin when she was only 10, and was obsessed with blueberry muffins at the time. 

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  • Sky

    I love Mack. All your captions and picture choices are amazing. SO GOOD.

  • Kelly Chaplin

    Mack sounds awesome! Also, Muffin is adorable and I think the name is too.

    Your story sounds interesting, that’s for sure. Man, this girl has a rocky road ahead of her (or at least it looks that way). Wondering how her family situation AND her love life will play out. (Best friend=potential love interest? Although, maybe not)

    • Ashley

      Thanks so much, Kelly!
      And I still haven’t decided who her potential love interest in going to be. I’m still stuck being best friend & crush. 😉