A Novel Idea: Been There All Along

This week’s prompt is: What would the back cover of your novel say? Try to make it as intriguing as possible. Remember, this is all readers have when trying to decide if they’re going to read your book or not. Do the best you can to convince a hypothetical reader to pick up your book.


Poppy Spencer has dreamed of her wedding day since she was just a little girl. Beautiful, white dress, pretty flowers, a handsome groom who loved her more than anything. What she didn’t expect was that her boyfriend would be dragging his feet, brushing off the idea of marriage at every chance he got. 

Enter Ty Mellaney, Poppy’s best friend and confidant, who has been in love with Poppy since they were in high school. Only problem is, he can’t have her. After joining the Army to get away from his feelings, Ty and Poppy are separated for the first time in years, something neither of them are used to.

Will Poppy choose the guy she’s been with for three years – the one she’s in love with, and pictured herself having a future with? Or will she choose the one that’s been there all along?