A Novel Idea: A World Without Sound


This week, tell us about one of your first stories. When did you start writing it, and why? Do you remember the characters’ names? Are you still writing it? If not, do you think you’ll ever rewrite it? What did you learn while writing it?

I have been a writer for a very long time, so I had a hard time thinking back to my first story. So, I’m going to introduce you today to A World Without Sound. While it wasn’t the first story I ever wrote, it is the first one that I actually vividly remember sitting down to write, the one I remember putting my blood, sweat, and tears into, and one that I hold near and dear to my heart.


I don’t even know where this plot came from, but I started writing it sometime early into my senior year (August or September of 2011). At this time in my life, I was doing all my writing on notebook paper – somewhere I still have all the pages upon pages of the first draft in a binder somewhere. I dated everything – so if I could FIND the binder, I could tell you exactly when I started it.

This story focuses on Shae(lyn). In her early teen years, she was in a terrible car accident leaving her deaf with no prognosis on when (if ever) she’d be able to hear again. But that didn’t stop Shae. She learns how to sign – taking it as far as learning how to read lips). 

Shae’s family is broken. Her dad, a writer, left when she was 15 years old. Shae, too, is a writer, although she hasn’t done any writing since her dad left them. The two of them used to write together, but she just doesn’t feel up to it since that all happened.

Then, there’s Shae’s Mom and her two brothers, Trent & Landon. Overprotective and highly annoying. The three of them get along, but she’s not crazy about how they treat her like a child. 

And then there’s Cody. Trey’s best friend, and the one person in Shae’s life that she feels she can be open and honest with. (Not to mention the fact that Shae has been in love with him since before she can remember!) 

Early on in the book, Shae’s family moves from big-city life in Pennsylvania to a farm in Texas – her oldest brother, Trent, wanting to get away from his ex-fiance. Shae HATES the idea. She doesn’t want to leave behind all she has ever known. But..she goes.

And she finds out, there are good people everywhere – you just have to look for them. In Texas, she meets Trevor — bad boy. He’s got a past that is catching up with him – one he’s not necessarily proud of. And a line of girls a mile long that he’s dated and broken their hearts. 

Shae changes his world, though, and makes him look at it in a way he never thought was possible. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t written this story since it was finished in 2012. It was my senior project, so to speak, and once I was done with it and got a proof copy, I haven’t worked on it since! ButI miss it! Maybe it’s time to dig this book out and try to rewrite it!

I always learn something from every story I write — this one taught me to dig a little deeper. Make something happen to the main character that hurts them (Shae’s dad leaving). This book…it will always be near and dear to me. 

I think it’s time to go dig it out! 

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