A Day at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Welcome to the first stop on Magical Blogorail Peach. Today we are discussing aquariums that your family needs to visit.


My family has been wanting to check out Clearwater Marine Aquarium since we first saw Dolphin Tale. And then when Dolphin Tale 2 came out, it’s like the “itch” to go got even bigger. So when we decided to not to Disney on our most recent Florida trip, Clearwater got added to the list of things to do.  We arrived at Clearwater Marine Aquarium at 10am, so it was already open. Before you get to the ticket counter, you see the boat that Hazel and her dad lived on in the movies. I love movie artifacts, so this was really cool for me. (I used to love walking through the part of the Backlot Tour in Hollywood Studios where you could see all the props!) 


When you first get to the ticket counter, it seems kind-of low class.They sell tickets out of what appears to be two or three trailers. We bought our tickets and I quickly moved along because my grandma had the brilliant idea to ask one of the guys that worked there if they were single. (Talk about embarrassment to the highest degree!)  We went inside to check out all there was to see. When you first enter the building, you are in the gift shop. I, personally, spent a bunch of time here because I kept looking for a shirt to buy and couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved until right before we left!  We continued through the gift shop up the stairs to the main level where Winter, Hope, Rufus and Harold and Mavis are. We watched Winter for a long time, and enjoyed seeing the sea turtles, as well!


This level was extremely busy, obviously, so we continued on our way outside to watch a presentation. The presentation we saw was called Dolphin Stranding. This is when they go out and rescue dolphins that are in need of help. It was pretty interesting and I really enjoyed learning about how they rescued Winter and Hope.  After this, we walked back downstairs to the Sting Ray exhibit. My grandparents and sister each took the time to “pet” a sting ray, but I thought they looked gross, and plus, I was holding a camera.Can’t get that wet, right? (later in the week, when we went to Sea World, Orlando, I got up the courage to touch a sting ray.) We boarded a trolley a little while later, to head across town to a large warehouse where they have all sorts of movie props from both movies. They also had a simulation-type walk-through where you could see what it felt like to be in a hurricane. 


Instead of taking the trolley back to the main building, we decided to take the boat ride back. We had to wait for a while for the boat to get there, but we had a nice ride, and a great captain who knew a lot of facts about the city of Clearwater.


Our day at Clearwater was pretty awesome, and we enjoyed it greatly. I would recommend this place to anyone who has seen the Dolphin Tale movies. You might not enjoy it as much if you haven’t seen them because you wouldn’t know the story behind why they do what they do.  Have you ever been to Clearwater Marine Aquarium? If so, what was your favorite part? For more information, or ticket prices, click here

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  • I haven’t seen these movies yet but it sounds like you love them. How cool you were able to meet the dolphin “celebrities”!

  • Rosanne Mottola

    Ash, sometimes it’s the places that don’t look professional where you have the best experience. I’m glad you got to visit!

  • I agree with Julie, such a cool place! Now we need to see the movies AND go to the aquarium! 🙂

  • Lisa Cameron

    My daughter would love this aquarium especially all of the dolphin presentations and exhibits. She wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. We will definitely add it to our must visit list.