31 Day Disney Challenge – Day 1!!!


I found this awesome 31 Day Disney Challenge that L&P & English Tea hosted in the past, and I decided to use it to count down to my Disney trip coming up! 

Thanks for reading, and leave comments with your favorites!

Your Favorite Movie

As I get older, this changes. I love almost every Disney movie I’ve seen – except for a few that were just not good in my opinion, ie, Wall-E and Brave (sorry, guys) – and so picking just ONE is so difficult for me.

I have 2 favorites, though, if it comes right down to it. And I just can’t pick between the two because, well, that would just be wrong.


I just love, love, love this movie. Something about Rapunzel makes me feel like she and I are sisters or something. Or at least kindred spirits. Oh, and can we just take a second to say how adorable this picture is??

Beauty & the Beast

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Yet another princess I feel like I’m a kindred spirit with. Well, except for the falling in love with a Beast part. 😛 But the reading part, well, yes. I love this sweet love story that just can’t be beat. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I do day 2 of the Disney challenge! 


  • Jaime

    Tangled is my favorite too! And I love Beauty and the Beast 🙂

    this is an awesome challenge for you 🙂