3 Things NOT to Say to a Single Girl


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 This week, I’ve decided to share:

3 Things NOT To Say To A Single Girl 

As a single person, I feel there are some things you should never say to someone like me. So I’ve decided to share 3 things. They may or may not have been said to me in the past. But if you see this, don’t ever say them to me. There’s a good reason I’m single and it’s because God hasn’t sent the right person into my life yet.

  1. “You’re too picky.”
    Okay, first off, is there any such thing as being too picky? Sure, a girl can hold her hopes pretty high, but isn’t it better to have her ideals too high than too low? Would you rather they end up with someone that doesn’t deserve them?
  2. “Your turn next” (at weddings)
    While this may be cute for you to joke about, it really can have a bad effect on the person that you’re saying it to. As a single person, I KNOW that this would have a bad effect on me. It hurts enough that we’re single, so rubbing it in by saying “you’re next” when we don’t even have a significant other? Not helping
  3. “Don’t turn into some crazy-cat lady.”
    Sure, I have a cat and I’m single, but I don’t plan to be a crazy cat lady. Leave.It.Alone.
  4. Honorable mention: “How are you still single?”
    Do you think if I knew the answer to that one, I would still be single? Also, how in the world does one answer a question such as that? 
  • Heather McD

    I think “How are you still single?” is usually meant as a compliment. As in, “You’re such an awesome person, how has nobody married you yet?!” I know, it’s still frustrating to hear because you just want to scream “I DON’T KNOW!”, but try to remember that this one usually comes from a good place 🙂

    • Heather McD

      Also, the annoying questions don’t stop, they just change. For example, once you have a boyfriend, then everyone will want to know when you’ll get married. Once you get married, everyone will want to know when you’re going to have kids. Once you have one kid, everyone will want to know when you’re going to have ANOTHER kid. That’s as far as I’ve gotten, but I’m sure once there are multiple kids, there’s some other annoying question that will come up. It’s like the circle of life or something.

      • Heather – I think the next question would be, “How many kids are you going to have? Are you going to stop soon?” Haha!

    • Oh, I know it comes from a good place, but it’s still frustrating – haha. When it comes to saying things like that, I try to keep my mouth shut because I know what it feels like to get asked that question.

  • Penny Rogers

    I don’t think any of these questions are actually looking for an answer. You should seriously say to #3, “It’s been my life long dream! How did you know?” lol