2014 Facebook Challenge

I had every intention of doing my everyday Friday post – my Foodie Friday. And that might still happen if I have time to write one before I go to bed tonight.

But I had the motivation to write a different kind-of post today.

Confession: I hate when people say they’re going to “give up Facebook for good”. I’ve had quite a few people say both on Facebook and to my face that they don’t know why they’re on Facebook; they spend too much time on it; and there’s no real reason to be on it.

While I agree that I have spent way too much time on Facebook on the past, I’m friends with people I don’t even really know, and I sometimes wish I didn’t have an account, I get really upset when people say they’re leaving Facebook.

First off, half the time it’s just an empty threat. People think it’ll look “good” if they say they’re going to leave, so they say it.

Secondly, what’s the point? Is getting off Facebook REALLY going to make you spend all that much less time on the computer that you’re already addicted to?

Here’s a little secret: there’s nothing wrong with being on Facebook. It’s not a bad thing to be on a website where you can keep up with friends and family that you don’t normally see.

The problem comes in when you spend all your time there – the time you could be spending on other things that are more important in life. This isn’t Facebook’s fault, this is your fault.

Facebook doesn’t make you sign on and read your new’s feed. The only reason you do that is because you have no self control to stay off the website.

So here’s my 2014 Facebook challenge for you: if you have something better to do, don’t sign on Facebook. Have the willpower to say “no”. And when you DO get on Facebook, tell yourself that you’re not going to waste time on playing games, or reading your new’s feed if you don’t have the time for it.

Facebook isn’t bad – it’s a great way to keep up with friends and family that you don’t normally see. Honestly, if I wasn’t on Facebook, I don’t think I’d have any communication with anyone except my immediate family and the people I work with. So Facebook is a great thing for me. But it can be a bad thing if I use it in the wrong way.

Spend your time wisely in 2014 – you only have so much hours in a day, so many days in a week, and so many weeks in a year. Use those hours, days, and weeks in a way that you can look back and say, “Wow, I made the most of my time! I’m glad that I did that.”

So, I’m going to stay on Facebook in 2014. I’m not going to get sucked into this blog posts saying how bad Facebook is. Because Facebook – and any website – is only as bad as YOU MAKE IT. 

  • Amen! Preach it, Ashley! Great post.

  • Mindy Richburg Brasher

    Great article Ashley. Thank you for challenging us.

    • AshleyAspires

      You’re welcome, Mindy. It’s the small things that irk me, I guess. I couldn’t get it off my mind so I posted about it.

  • Leah Nieman

    I so love this….and you!

    • AshleyAspires

      Thanks Leah. <3