As 2014 Closes….

….and 2015 begins, I think about this blog and it’s direction a lot. I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I’ve wanted to and it hurts me to think that I had such a heart for blogging and I just let it slip away from me because I didn’t have any oomph to write anything.

In 2015, I have new plans. And I thought that I’d share them with you.

  1. As a part of the Magical Blogorail, I will be posting – most likely once a month – about Disney in some capacity. Disney is my passion – or one of them – and I really enjoy posting and giving people ideas on what to do while at Disney! I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for the Magical Blogorail!
    ****There will be a post on my blog in a little over 2 weeks about my favorite shoes for the Disney parks****
  2. I will be taking the time to write up Foodie posts again, too. These will be of recipes that I have tried and loved and want to share with my friends and family. I have missed doing this – and can’t wait to start up again really soon! I will not have a scheduled day to post these because I know if I do, I’ll feel bad if I don’t get one posted! :p 
  3. I will be also writing more posts for teen girls in 2015. I really found that I have a true passion for teens and young adults. I want to help them grow into the person that God wants them to be. The older I get, too, the more I learn, so I’m planning to use that knowledge to write blog posts that are near and dear to my heart. 

There will be some things leaving Ashley Aspires with 2015, though, too.

The one that comes to mind is A Novel Idea. I hate to see it go, but my passion is no longer there. I know that many people have linked up over the last 5 months, and I hope that they continue to come to my blog to see what is going on in my life! I have made some new friends through this journey, and I know I’ll miss ANI, but it’s not where my blog is headed in the future. 

Thank you for my faithful readers – the ones that take the time to come to my blog on a regular basis and see what I’m up to.

  • Michelle Eichhorn

    I am looking forward to your Disney posts, Leah and I how to be there in May. And If course, I look forward to the recipes!

  • Hooray for bright new beginnings. It sounds like you have a lot in store for your readers. I’ll miss the link up, but I’ll definitely be sticking around. Happy new year!