Dear Teen Girl: College is Not Required

Dear Teen Girl, If you're even semi close to graduating (like, within the next three years), you've probably gotten the question. They mean well - most of the time - but it's a question that you get sick of hearing, and are unsure of how to answer.  At sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, you're … [Continue reading]

Me Before You


So, a few weeks ago, I was watching a video on YouTube and an ad came up. That ad just so happened to be a preview for the movie Me Before You. The preview intrigued me, and made me want to watch the movie.     So yeah, I'm sure you understand why now.  But I was … [Continue reading]

Confession Time


Ah, week 3.  Week 3, I started thinking and praying like a mad man. It was the week before having to sign up for term 2 of classes. It was the … [Continue reading]

Week 2: Recap


Well, hello there faithful blog readers. It's Sunday and I have finished my schoolwork for the week so I decided that I was going to work on my week 2 … [Continue reading]

Week 1: In the Books


Welcome back to the blog that I've been greatly neglecting the last couple of months. I thought I was busy BEFORE I started school, so I decided to … [Continue reading]

The end of 2015..the beginning of 2016


As I look back on the last year, I am amazed with all that happened to me. Every year, there's so many good things that happen, that I can't even put … [Continue reading]

When You Learn to Never Say Never


Hello, my name is Ashley, and I said that I'd never go to college. When I graduated high school almost four years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to … [Continue reading]

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – A Reasonable Splurge


Welcome to this month's Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing ways to splurge on your next Disney trip that won't break the … [Continue reading]

The Older I Get, the Harder it Gets

Seamless chevron pattern in light pastel colors

  I'm going to come right out and tell you something about myself that people who really know me should already know:  I'm 21, and I've … [Continue reading]

Overpacker’s Guide to Carryons


Welcome to this month's Blogorail Black Loop. Today we are sharing some of our favorite carry on bags.   I have this problem where I like … [Continue reading]